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‘Making artistry edible’

Meette is an art in process, a creative endeavour moored during the early days of XYZ. Akin to any object d’art, in truth it was started long back, while relishing a vivid amalgam of ethnic food or helping put together a fresh farm-to-table brunch in the picturesque vineyards of Australia, where our founder, Chef Ashita, spent a memorable part of her childhood. This adoration for all things fresh and local, coupled with an innate passion for finding harmony in different types and style of ethnic cuisine, is what lends Meette’s creations its distinctly irresistible exquisiteness. Meeting at the crossroads of vivid creativity and classical patisserie artisanship, Meette offers the best of both the worlds.

‘Art in process’

Chef Ashita and her team have poured sublimity into every fine detail. All aspects like taste, texture, flavours, ingredients and aesthetic appeal are artfully approached, like a blank canvas, to craft a mosaic of sensory bliss, letting every bite speak for itself. With the heavenly duo of whimsical flavours and exemplary texture, the insides oozing with premier ingredients and the outside, serving straight out of an art gallery looks, Meette offers an undeviating perfection while still keeping the artistry as vivid and alive as a child’s daydream.