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At the creative helm of Meette, is former banker tuned Pastry Chef, Ashita Baijal.

Ashita has long been fascinated by the alchemy of Baking and the Pastry Arts. She began cooking in her mother’s kitchen in the vineyards of Australia at the age of four.

After pursuing a Masters of Business Administration from Northeastern University and starting her career in Management Consulting, she quickly became disillusioned with the corporate world. Realising that food was her true passion, she went back to School. This time to learn all about the Culinary Arts.

She lived, learnt and worked extensively overseas with world renowned chefs and restaurants, including Antionio Bachour, Kristin Tiblis and Chef Izu Anni (the startup Executive Chef at La Petit Maison in Dubai).

Food, for her, is equivalent to Art; and she strives to create every Meette product as a work of edible art. Fashion, interiors and flowers inspire her to push the boundaries of elevated cakes and bakes.

At the Operational helm of Meette, is her Partner and friend, Sushant Singh. Sushant, while in the Steel business, spearheads all of Meette’s and AA Wholefoods Pvt Ltd’s sister investments. A keen foodie, Sushant is keen to incubate and launch new FNB start-ups; as well as grow more established Brands.