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6 Thoughtful Gifts That You Can Give This New Year’s

6 Thoughtful Gifts That You Can Give This New Year’s

New year is around the corner and it’s the beginning of a new chapter in everyone’s life. A reminder that you made it once again and came out stronger. The thrill and excitement of a whole new adventure calls for celebration. Your families and friends need to be reminded that they’re special and you care for them. And what’s a better way to express your gratitude than gifts? But it’s not just another house-warming or a casual occasion, it’s NEW YEAR! You ought to give them something special and thoughtful. Something that gives them hope and a sense of relief to tenderly calm their anxiety of walking into something foreign and unfamiliar. So here are a few ideas for you if you want to show your loved ones that you care:

  1. A plant: When you give someone a plant it's representative of growth and care. When they are going to take care of it, they're going to think of you. Plus, what is better than gifting someone prosperity. There is a huge range of plants that you can give your loved ones depending upon their living situation and preferences. You can give them flowers, air-purifiers or if they are low-maintenance, a cactus is also a great option. 
  2. Aromatherapy oils: They work wonders! After a long busy day, a good massage with a fragrant oil is bound to relax you. It's the perfect stress reliever and has been gaining a lot of popularity for all the right reasons. Go get your hands on one of these beauties and give them to someone who you think can use it. 
  3. Cakes: Who doesn't like cakes? Give them a delicious cake that they are going to celebrate their new year with. If you are looking for some standard and premium cakes, you can try some of the amazing options from Meette. The mixed berries series make for the perfect gift. They’re delicious, pretty and have just the right balance of flavours to be devoured!
  4. All-paid spa: Think about it, an all-paid spa day. Let them unleash their inner goddess through the peace and calm that a good spa-day brings. The joy and excitement on their face when they see this will be unparalleled. And trust us, nothing is going to calm their nerves like this will.
  5. Lounge set: You will be giving them the gift of comfort, literally! They’re going to think of you everytime they get cozy in their soft loungewear. Try a nice pair of sweats or soft slip-ons. After all, comfort over literally anything ever!
  6. Pillow: Try to understand the preference of the person you want to gift this to so that you don’t get this wrong. Get your hands on the softest, nicest and the most premium pillow sets that you can find. If possible, feel them personally before giving them out. Add a bonus gift and throw on a pair of silk pillow covers on top. It’s good for the skin and hair and is known to give an altogether better sleeping experience.

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