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5 Mental Health Benefits Of Baking

5 Mental Health Benefits Of Baking


Whipping some cream and kneading dough does more than just creating yummy treats. The entire process needs so much attention to detail that it’s bound to make it a productive and happy time. As much of a serotonin release our comfort food brings us, sometimes making that also brings the same amount of joy. Cooking in itself is a very therapeutic process. You make something with your own hands, delicately, and see it taking shape. It’s a rewarding activity nonetheless. It is bound to help you cope with mental health issues. Here’s how:

  1. Baking stimulates all the senses: When you are baking or even cooking, you have to be aware. You have to be on your toes and always attentive. You need to see what the colour and composition is, you need to feel the texture, smell the cooking, taste how it’s coming off, and be all ears for oven/microwave alarms.

  • You are nourishing something: You are nourishing your little project and taking care of it. While you are handling something with so much care, you also enjoy the procedure more. You have more involvement and investment than usual.

  • It invokes creativity: Baking is fun and creative. You need to test out a few things here and there. A recipe is like technical groundwork and only gives you a bare frame. It is only your personal touch that makes your recipe stand out. The idea of creating something of your own gives you motivation and takes your mind out of any other misery in your life. 

  • Makes other people happy: When you bake, your friends are obviously going to relish on those delicacies. Good food=good mood. We all know that. When you treat people with your cooking, it’s also the happiness that it brings out in them. We love to make our friends and families happy. What’s better than a nice, wholesome cookie or a fresh pastry? The smile they bring on people’s faces is unparalleled.


  • Sense of productivity: We all have streaks of days when we don’t feel like doing anything and just laze around all day. Baking is a good way to break it. You feel more productive than ever because the outcome is also more rewarding and delicious! 

While you cope with the general stresses of life, don’t forget to take a break and enjoy the little moments of joy. Meette is here to give you those little moments with their tasty range of desserts! Enjoy a quality time alone or with a loved one as you devour some cute cupcakes from Meette.

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