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4 Simple Treats You Can Make At Home

4 Simple Treats You Can Make At Home

Don’t we just crave a personal touch of love in everything that we eat? Perhaps, a big reason why we love home-cooked food is the attention to detail and that love that’s put in. I am pretty sure we all have, in our subconscious minds, engrained the taste of our mothers’ recipes. That is why we have the holidays, to relive those moments. And as a natural trajectory of life prevails, we ought to pass them on. We need to build those memories for our future generations to cherish and remember. 


So this is your sign to create something magical, something of your own. A dish that is going to stay in the minds of your loved ones. If you are not the one for complicated and difficult dishes, we are going to lay down a few of the most easy recipes for you that you can try at home. So let us dive in:


  1. Cheese cherry pineapple: We’ll start with the very basic and easy idea. This is a simple appetiser that you can serve your friends and families with. Get a nice block of cheese, fresh cherries and a juicy pineapple. Dice them in small cubes and stick them up on a toothpick. To keep them fresh for longer, serve on a tray with ice cubes. It has just the right flavours that will hit just the right spots.
  2. Pancakes from scratch: Of course, there are a million recipes out there that you can try to make those perfect fluffy and soft pancakes. But if you don’t want to mess with a lot of ingredients, go for this one. Two eggs, a mug of milk, butter, and flour. You prepare the batter like any other pancake recipe. Then you top it with any choice of spread or cream that you like.
  3. Strawberries in nutella: Have them for the aphrodisia that they are. Not as fancy to prepare but definitely a delight in the mouth. To add a twist of quirk in this, align some pita bread with homemade dips to balance out the sweet. They are going to be a great fit for picnics and brunch dates.
  4. Creamy bread: Fry some bread in butter. Take lots of cream and put sugar in it. Spread the cream on the fried bread slice and throw in some raspberries or blueberries in it. If you can’t find fresh berries, try to get a berry preserve from any store and use that. It is a good substitute for Shahi tukda if you’re a fan. You can also toast the bread to add some crisp to the dish.

These are some tasty treats that will be easily made at home without much hassle. But if you want to try something amazing that has all the attention to detail and love that a home-cooked dish does- try out these dessert tubs from Meette. They’re just perfect for any post-meal savouring on any occasion. You can avail their one-day delivery service too. So order away!



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